Mushroom Farming in Bihar: No 1 Divine Business Opportunity

Mushroom farming in Bihar

The soil of Bihar is the best in the country for growing or farming mushrooms. The state is known for its rich agricultural produce. But the best of its crop is the mushrooms. With nearly 27.4% of the country’s total mushroom production, the state offers a lucrative business opportunity for the farmers.

To take advantage of this, many mushroom farmers have established mushroom farms in the state. These mushroom farms are common across the districts of Bihar. Let’s find out more about this business and how can you get started in it.

What is a Mushroom Farm?

The farming of mushrooms is a very ancient practice, dating back to the Stone Age. Cultivated mushrooms have been grown for thousands of years to enhance the flavour of bread and other dishes. Today, the demand for mushrooms is increasing at a rapid rate, especially due to the growing popularity of gourmet dishes such as pasta and burgers. There are different kinds and varieties of mushrooms. These come in a variety of shapes and colours. Some mushrooms are edible and wholesome while some are poisonous.

First, you need to choose the right location for your mushroom farm. This is because the location is important for the production of mushrooms. If the location isn’t good enough, you won’t get the desired results. You can identify the best location by taking into consideration the following factors:

How to Start a Mushroom Farming in Bihar?

* The soil of the area is a good one for growing mushrooms.

* The right climate and weather are prevalent in the area.

* The right pH level is present in the soil.

* Good access to water is available.

* The need for supplementary fertilizer is low. This ensures that the yield is high.

* The right amount of labor and machinery is available to the farmers.


Benefits of Mushroom Farming in Bihar

The best place to grow mushrooms is Bihar. With 27.4% of the country’s total mushroom production, the state provides a lucrative business opportunity. The yield is high, and it is easy to grow mushrooms in Bihar. You can start a mushroom farming in Bihar by following these steps:

* Search for a location for the farm.

* Identify the right soil for growing mushrooms.

* Calculate the required amount of space for setting up the farm.

* Purchase necessary equipment such as a conveyor belt, heat lamp, and carbon filtration system.

* Start the mushroom cultivation on the farm.

* Harvest and sell the mushrooms.

Different Types of Mushrooms You Can Grow in Bihar

The most popular and frequently grown variety of mushrooms in Bihar is the shiitake. These shiitake mushrooms are white in colour and are found to be delicious. Other kinds of mushrooms that thrive in the soil of Bihar include the oyster, golden, black, and white button varieties.


With nearly 27.4% of the country’s total mushroom production, the state offers a lucrative business opportunity for the farmers. These mushrooms are found to be delicious and nutritious. Moreover, they can be grown on the state’s soil. A mushroom farm is a facility where mushrooms are grown. It is one of the oldest industries in Bihar.

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